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MAY 2022

When creating this series of infographics, I had the everyday driver in mind. Many “solutions” to climate change revolve around replacing one thing in your life with an eco-friendly alternative. However, not a lot of these solutions focus on refurbishment, upcycling, or general improvement. That was my goal for these–to help people improve the gas mileage of the vehicles they already have rather than encouraging them to go out and buy new ones.

ImprovingGasMileage-Maintenance copy-01.png

To make these pieces, I went through several iterations. I tried different fonts, styles, layouts, color schemes, shades, and more. Eventually, I landed on the one presented. The three posters follow a separate color scheme, but all the colors could easily fit onto one palette. They are mildly muted so as to not draw attention away from the information being presented. The fonts chosen lean more towards the denotative side, but are still pleasing to the eye. As far as the overall style of the posters go, I wanted them to feel clean but not stale.


I used hexagons to hold the tips for each poster for a couple of reasons. First, they are interesting to look at–which is really important when trying to present people with information. On the more connotative side, they resemble a beehive, which is an aspect of nature people tend to think of when they think of the effects of climate change.

The use of the simple icons rather than more detailed ones was also very deliberate. I wanted them to be visual cues for the reader, rather than the main thing to look at. They also break up the text and can help to provide more context for some of the tips. 

Image Credits:

All of the icons used in this design I got from the Noun Project.

Speedometer – Maxim Kulikov, Gear shift – Komkrit Noenpoempisut, Lock – Aya Sofya, Groceries – Smalllike, Stop sign – Made, Toll – Graphics_Art, Keys – James Zamysslianskyj, Oil – Iconiqu, Tire – Nhor, Air Filter – Pause 08, Spark Plug – Pause 08, Wheel alignment – Eucalyp, Oxygen – Pixelz Studio, Thermostat – Phoenix Dungeon, Weight heavy – Suncheli Project, Fuel – Komkrit Noenpoempisut, Internal combustion engine – Yaroslav Samoilov, Tree big – Maxicons, Air flow – Candy Design, Brake – Eucalyp

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